Monday, January 17, 2011

CHALLENGE: Week 4 Playlist

Oh we bouts to go old school for this week y’all! Why? Because who doesn’t want to bust out the pink leg warmers, the neon bandana and finesse your way through jazzercise?

A full on KARAOKE NIGHT with proper 80’s dress sounds fantastic right about now! This may call for a virtual one via facebook or skype.

Warm Up:
Young Hearts Run Free~Candi Statton
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing~Leo Slayer

Cardio HIIT:
The Humpty Dance~Digital Underground
Hot Stuff-Donna Summer
Do you Wanna Touch Me~Joan Jett
Mickey~Toni Basil
Money-dance remix~The Flaming Lizards
Lady Marmalade~Patty LaBelle
Naughty Girls~Samantha Fox
Baby Got Back~Sir Mix A Lot

Cool Down:
Got to Give it Up~Marvin Gaye
I want to be Free~Ohio Players
Don’t Stop Believin~JOURNEY

Of course the list is a mile long and this is only a snippet, does is it make you think about what your favorite hit as a go to must for karaoke night or do you avoid the electric microphone and all of its glory?

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