Friday, January 7, 2011

Booty Bootcamp...T.G.I.F.

A little glance at the bootcamp killer that has been rotated in this week. I cannot even begin to say how lovely it is to be Friday!

General Warm up x 5minutes
Jumping Squat 3x15
Plyo Pushups 3x15
Shoulder Press 3x15
Mountain Climber 3x1 minute (THE DEVIL INCARNATE!!!)
(If you have a treadmill sprint for this instead of mtn clmbr)
Sumo Squat 3x15
Bench Dip 3x15
Jump Rope 3 x 1 minute
(If you have a treadmill, sprint for 1 minute)
One legged pelvic thrusts 3x15
Weighted crunches 3x15
Jumping Jacks 3x1minute
(if you have a treadmill, sprint for 1 minute)
Tricep Kickbacks 3x15
Jumprope 3x1 minute
(if you have treadmill, sprint for 1 minute)
Russian Twist 3x15


And to think this was only Monday. Lord have some mercy. Definitely a brutal workout and my poor knee was aching terribly but it felt good to really dominate the gym for this little diddy. And no I am so not talking about Puff Daddy.

Anyways, the day awaits.

Happy Friday and have a fantastic weekend.

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