Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Can you pass the wine please

Later today I get to get spruced up, add a little extra curl to the hair and throw on a set of heels (me in flats, not gonna happen! Stalky leg syndrome) for a cocktail party. I am ridiculously excited for this that it’s almost pathetic!

If it weren’t for one person I honestly think I would have packed up and flown the coup a month ago, but that is not the case and I have made a friend and with that friend came a network that I am very slowly but surely getting involved with.

Over the weekend I got invited to this party of sorts, more like a wine night filled with a bunch of ladies from town, gossip and outright fun.

I need this more than needing to sharpen the eyeliner that keeps digging into my waterline. I cannot stand not having some girls to call on for a wine and bitch-fest night. It’s not as though I have not made an effort within the community or been holed up inside of my flat because I definitely am not and have done quite the opposite. I’ve put myself out there in more ways than one and am still coming up short. But I’m revamping my style and going to try something a little different which will hopefully turn out, we’ll see.

Most of the ladies that are coming out are the elite of the town I live in, which is really quite strange because how in the hell did I even manage to get inside of this little network is by pure chance. I am not elite, I don’t live in a mansion nor own my own hair salon let alone magazine.

No, far from unfortunately. I just so happen to enjoy shopping and stumbled into a store, got to talking with the owner and wham, instant friendship and intro into the “network.”

At the last wine night I went to, my outgrown bangs got touched up (there was a stylist there) and then proceeded to sip many glasses of wine in between conversations of cheating husbands and determining waxing specialists. Do you have popcorn yet! I wish I had some just stating this out loud, reality tv in living form.

So I have a feeling that tonight will go one of two ways.

Either I will avoid the glass of wine because of the immense amount of guilt I would feel due to this challenge I am putting myself through. Or I will not be socially awkward and take up a drink if I feel like it. Because I am worth it.

I have sort of cut a deal with myself. I need to let loose because life is short. Why put so much pressure on yourself if you can’t even stop to actually enjoy the things that are happening around you.

If you can answer that question then you are a stronger person than I because I honestly think it’s not worth it to the degree of blinding oneself to your surroundings.

I love my body (and respect every ounce of it) and am working very hard on the challenge but challenge be damned for a few hours if I am having a good time and am actually (gasp) enjoying life and a party.

So this is what it all comes down to, if I want it then I will take it. Because I am worth it.

I repeat this because this is something I need to remember. It is part of the resolution that I said I would never make but surprisingly did. I need to have fun, need to keep networking, need is the common theme here. Especially coming from an essentially non-needy person.

With that being said, I’m jetting off with this fine cup of coffee and see which dress to wear tonight. I’m thinking one of the two with accessories and pink lip gloss.

But then again I may just stick with the ever faithful leggings and an open back lace shirt. If I am not an elite, I can at least fake it until I make it though I don’t really think I’d want to snag a membership to their dysfunctional housewives club for fear of transforming into a platinum blonde botox goddess, oh forget it I am rambling! All of these decisions, I love it!

Happy Tuesday, by the way it’s SNOWING!!


  1. Membership to their dysfunctional housewives club ... I love it. I have a summer group that I could describe that way. Gotta love them. Hope you have a blast! Wish I was putting on a cocktail dress tonight!

    And have a glass of wine (or eight) if you want to, you're allowed to indulge here and there!

  2. Oh mah gawd! It was a lot of fun, not one, not two but three glasses of wine later the drama started flowing. I agree how can you not enjoy the dysfunction, it's cheap entertainment, and you can bask in it this summer!

    You should just throw one on and waltz around your front room to feel a little luxurious. But then again isn't that when juice will spill or you get a little rough..by accident of course!