Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Something sweet in a land of crazy

After the whirlwind weekend that sort of swept through and fell into the start of another week, a night of movies and really trashy TV was in need. Knowing this and that misery needs company(no misery here just the company part), what better to do than call up your friends and gather some people together.

The call got several ladies to break away from their Monday Night Rituals for a relaxing evening in gasp…a townhouse. Even if it isn’t in a mansion or a beauty salon but rather a small, warm and comfortable sanctuary that is my home for last night it was perfect.

Entertaining comes easy, it is something I love to do and tend to do it often. The joy in the idea of getting as many people together for however long, letting go of everything for that period of time just to enjoy the minute, the food and the company is what makes it all worthwhile.

The ladies started to pour into my flat, each of them with a bottle of wine in hand, hors de vours and warm smiles as they walked around. The first thing anyone notices in the front room is the full length mirrored wall. It’s outdated, tac-tastic and several times throughout the evening more than one of the ladies stood in front checking their reflections.

I was rushing around in my kitchen while a handful of them started cracking the bottles open and getting comfy on the couch and chairs. You know it is serious business when the wine gets opened before anyone reaches for a snack!

Hours passed by with back and forth banter flowing while the wine was definitely flowing right alongside.

We were all too focused on having those few hours to turn to each other for support, to laugh about all of the silly nothings, to ask questions, get advice about things that you can only ask a close girlfriend.

By the fireplace I sat sipping wine listening and when they turned to me they all laughed. My major woes are not so much a biggie compared to these women but for friendship sake any problem is no different than anyone else’s.

And here it is, through this crazy bunch of women I have learned how to finally start a fireplace that has remained dark for months, learned a fair amount of inside information about an upcoming fashion show that I am already counting the months down to and know who to turn to the minute I meet a “rich man” and am in need of a pre-nuptial agreement. This said after multiple glasses of wine! Bless the fanatical, intoxicated ex-cheerleaders of the town!

It is in this moment where you have to be thankful for those you cross paths with, no matter where you are at in your life. You will never know what gets tossed in your direction, it’s exciting to see what each day brings and what someone else is going to say to you when least expected.

These women have saved my sanity in more ways than one lately and I value their friendships as it appears we have formed. They’re sweet as pie and cute as a button and for now my flat has become a sort of woman-den and it feels pretty wonderful.

...ps here is the list of ingredients that filled the cheese tray that was devoured before the second bottle of wine.


  1. Gotta love friends like that. Girl's night is the best! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  2. Hi, just dropping by via FTLOB's Tuesday blog hop! it sounds like you have a great group of friends that you can depend on!

  3. @posidanielle:Those ladies are crackerjacks, it was a definitely fun night in.

    @City..:Happy Tuesday hopping! How I got up so early is still a mystery.

  4. Wine, apps and friends = heaven.

    <3, New Follower