Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beauty Spotlight: The Eyes


Alright ladies, when lining your waterline you want to find a liner that goes on smoothly right? One that is not going to rip up the sensitive skin or make your eyes water the second you start to apply the color.

I am a budget finder and live for scouting out deals. Mainly because I don't see the point of cashing out $60 for a YSL eyeliner or mascara. No thank you(even if the mascara does smell delicious and like roses!). So when I was rummaging through Target I stumbled across Jemma Kidd's I-conic Eye.

Incredible and a definite beauty find. The pencil is comprable to MAC or even Stila's soft kohl liners and sells for an easy $14. I love how stores like Target or convenience shops are beginning to sell better quality makeup lines. Don't get me wrong, Covergirl and Revlon make fabulous finds but for this particular product Jemma's got them beat!

The products are sold not only at Target, but through the JK website as well as


  1. I will have to try this. I have been looking for a cheap eyeliner pencil.
    I have been using Urban Decay 24/7 pencils ($17) They are seriously awesome bt a little pricey
    thks :)!

  2. The JK is still a little pricey but for the sake of the waterline it's worth the price plus it's a pencil that will last longer than a month. It goes on smoothly and gently on and lasts hours. Heaven sent!

  3. I'm not hugely into makeup, primarily because I don't know how to properly apply anything but bronzer. But I'll check it out! I always wander the makeup aisles at Target. I love Clinique Quick-Liner for Eyes (not to take away from Jemma Kidd).

  4. Clinique is the ultimate fail safe brand, love it. I am crap with applying anything and have to follow step by step tutorials for ways of changing out eye styles and still fail miserably.

    I'd like to think that a tan (or fake...) is the ultimate alternative for makeup!

  5. I bought some at Target today! I'll give it a shot tomorrow night before my husband's game.

    Have you tried self-tanner? I'm not against using a tanning bed here and there but it's just not always available so I use Loreal Sublime Bronze lotion or gel. And I mix it, part tanner part regular lotion (so it's not so dramatic and goes on more smoothly). I swear by it!

  6. Yes! Let me know what you think of it-oh and have fun at the game! Get yo' glam on!

    My friend swears by St. Tropez tanner but I will not spend the money on it, it's expensive and def not in the budget. I'll try the loreal tanner. I hate that awful line that gets in between your fingers and makes a webbing like orange tint. Do you know what I mean? It screams, DIY, which maybe you don't and maybe it's a "me" thing haha!